What I Wear to Work: MoMA Curator Stuart Comer

Stuart Comer, MOMA's media and performance-art curator, show us what he wears to work.

Photograph by Jeremy Liebman. Grooming by Mari Shten at abtp.com.

When you have unconventional, demanding (might we add kick-ass?) jobs like these guys do, getting dressed doesn't automatically mean putting on a suit and tie.

The Job: MOMA's media and performance-art curator and a co-curator of this year's Whitney Biennial.

The Look: "My uniform is minimalist: jeans, a blazer, a button-down shirt, and black oxfords. I still feel mildly uncomfortable in a suit and have an aversion to purple." Comer does have a few sartorial constants: a five-year-old black Dior overcoat from Dover Street Market in London and a bright-blue Marni scarf. And, he says, "I'm a big believer in classics like A.P.C."

The Throwback: "I've worked in museums since 1986, when I was an intern at the Met. One of the best moments of my life was eating terrible sandwiches from the Met's café in the office of the Costume Institute and Diana Vreeland being wheeled in in her wheelchair. I almost lost it—I was so excited. Back then, I had one green Calvin Klein shirt that I wore into the ground and big, goofy black eighties shoes, so I was probably wearing those!"

The Next Style Frontier: "London has an intense creativity and passion that does not exist so much in the States. Having said that, L.A.'s fashion is obviously really impressive. It's better known for certain kinds of sportswear and not so much for fashion-fashion, but I think that could change. We'll see."

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