What I Wear to Work: Homepolish's Noa Santos

Noa Santos, cofounder of Homepolish, show us what he wears to work.

Photographs by Jeremy Liebman; Grooming by Mari Shten at ABTP.com.

When you have unconventional, demanding (might we add kick-ass?) jobs like these guys do, getting dressed doesn't automatically mean putting on a suit and tie.

The Job: Cofounder of the interior-design company Homepolish, which employs more than a hundred professional aesthetes in six cities.

The Meeting Etiquette: "I deal with a lot of tech start-ups," Santos says. "You have founders who are crazy-stylish and some who dress in sweatpants. You never want to meet with a client and feel unrelatable." Instead, "be neutral with a bit of an edge—I stick to blues, black, white, and denim and limit myself to solids." Ferragamo shoes and a signature belt complete the look.

The Purge Rule: "If I don't wear something for three months, I get rid of it or give it away. It works out well, because the girls in the office will take anything," he says with a laugh.

The Inspiration: "What I can't wear, I try to live in and decorate with," he says. That sentiment is exemplified by the brass Coco Chanel–inspired Wheat Sheath lamp that illuminates his living room. "I had the same reaction to it as I do to some pieces of clothing that I could never wear—I admire it very much, in the way I admire someone with style that I can't pull of. And in a sense, I dress to complement it."

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