What's on Your Phone? Paskho Founder and Designer Patrick Robinson

What's on Your Phone? takes Details' readers behind the locked phone screens of cultural tastemakers. This week, we checked out designer Patrick Robinson's iPhone.

Photo courtesy of Patrick Robinson

As if it wasn't big enough news that former Gap designer Patrick Robinson has turned to Kickstarter to fund his new men's and women's label, Paskho, WWD recently announced that he's been hired as the creative director for A|X Armani Exchange.

After lying low for the past year, Robinson seems to be very, very busy. How does he stay organized? We caught up with the designer, who introduced us to his closest personal assistant—his phone.

Type of Phone: iPhone

Number of Downloaded Apps: Over 50. My son has downloaded every game in the world on it.

Organizational Style: I'm a roamer. I don't like the folders. I leave what I use most on the two front screens.

Most Frequently Used App: I have four—Sparrow for e-mail, Audible to listen to books, RTM (Remember the Milk) to keep myself organized, and Instagram.

Three Favorite Apps:

  1. Audible. This app is great for when I go running. Sometimes, instead of music, I like to listen to books. New books inspire me.

  2. RTM. RTM is a lifesaver. It helps keep me organized even on my craziest day. What's nice is that you can organize any way you want, whether it's making lists, tagging, or pop-up reminders.

  3. Kickstarter. Kickstarter is not only one of the most innovative platforms for funding today, it is also instrumental in creating awareness amongst influencers. I recently started a new urban loungewear-activewear collection, Paskho, using Kickstarter as my launch tool. When I began shaping the business model for Paskho, the most important thing was that I would be able to engage and connect directly with my customers. Kickstarter allows me to do that as well as apply the feedback to the process.

Dream App: My dream app would be one for Paskho, where people can shop, interact with me, comment on products, and send in photos of themselves living the Paskho lifestyle.

— Drumm (@perrindrumm), associate Web editor at Details

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