What's On Your Phone: Jimmy Kimmel Reveals His 8 Favorite Apps

When Jimmy Kimmel's not hosting a late-night talk show or collecting an honorary doctorate at the university he attended for just one year (and telling graduation ceremony guests "I worked harder on this speech than...

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When Jimmy Kimmel's not hosting a late-night talk show or collecting an honorary doctorate he's playing children's games and buying watermelon-shaped doormats on his phone. Here, his eight favorite apps that help him get it all done.

1. Scrabble

"I don't play Words With Friends. I prefer the real thing. I do wish the people at Hasbro would add tournament mode though. Scrabble without challenges isn't really Scrabble."

2. Boggle for iPad

"Boggle is underrated. It's Scrabble's sugar-crazed little brother. I'm addicted—I play alone on my iPad. Boggle gives you the same feeling kids get when someone cracks open a piñata."

3. Shazam

"Still maybe the best app ever. I will probably die fumbling for my phone, unlocking it, and frantically trying to find the Shazam app before a song ends."

4. SiriusXM

"The little voice inside my head is that of Howard Stern. You don't have to use satellite to get satellite radio anymore. When I've heard Howard's reruns more than twice, I listen to the Blues and 80s channels."

5. Fancy

"This is a shopping site. I buy a lot of gifts and they do a great job of curating interesting things. I bought a doormat shaped like a watermelon and a ice cube tray that makes ice shaped like Darth Vader."

6. Uber

"Much easier than calling a cab. Uber figures out where you are and a car comes right to you."

7. Epicurious

"When I'm at the Farmer's Market and don't know what to cook, I use this app. Enter an ingredient and many recipes pop up instantly. Mario Batali and Jamie Oliver's apps are more specialized, but I like those too."

8. Jimmy Kimmel Live

"An easy way to watch the show's many wonderful viral videos. Jimmy is the best—love that guy."

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