What's On Your Wrist: Baxter of California's J.P. Mastey Has a Future Heirloom in this Rolex

"Rolex is the most classic brand ever in my opinion."

Image courtesy of J.P Mastey

Whether it's flashy or unassuming, you can tell a lot from a man's watch. Here, we bring you a glimpse of horological inspiration from a top tastemaker. In this edition: Baxter of California creative director Jean-Pierre Mastey, who goes by J.P., and the timepiece he hopes to pass down.

• • •

The Subject: J.P. Mastey

The Watch: Rolex Milgauss

The Details: "Electromagnetic fields have caused so many issues that I was forced to buy a watch that would solve this critical problem…But seriously, I just love the look of this watch, the size of it, and Rolex is the most classic brand ever in my opinion. I hope to hand it down at some point."

• • •

—Andrew Villagomez is a men's lifestyle and travel writer and a Details Network contributor. Follow him at @AndyVeeNYC.

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