When to Drink Green Juice (and Why Timing Matters)

Photo Courtesy of Trunk Archive
Photo Courtesy of Trunk Archive

For all of its well-established health virtues, green juice is still somewhat of a misfit. Do you drink it with a meal? Is it best consumed before a workout? On an empty stomach?

Meal timing has become a hot topic among the health-conscious, who've realized that when you eat can be as important as what you eat. And since green juice can double as a liquid meal or snack, its ideal placement in your daily menu can be a bit murky. We asked Jeffrey Morrison, M.D., founder of the Morrison Center and author of Cleanse Your Body, Clear Your Mind, to clear up the confusion.

First choice: On an empty stomach

"When you take green juice on an empty stomach, many of the nutrients will be absorbed really rapidly," Dr. Morrison says. "On the other hand, taking a juice with a meal will delay absorption, and, ultimately, some nutrients may not be absorbed and will be consumed by the beneficial bacteria in your gut."

Second choice: With a green salad

"If you do prefer to juice up at mealtime, pair your glass with a green salad chockfull of vegetables," Morrison says. "This allows for the highest alkalinity, which helps with detoxification."

Bottom Line:

The easiest way to enjoy the benefits of a green juice is to drink it as your morning meal, at least an hour before or after coffee (the acidity of which will negate the juice's alkalizing effects), and never with a cooked meal.

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