Caffeine for the Face—How It Works and the Products to Try

Four of our favorite new skincare products that use caffeine to give you well-rested, younger-looking skin—without the jitters.

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You down a cup of coffee or tea every morning, but have you ever thought about applying caffeine directly to your face? Before you call us crazy, it turns out that caffeine is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that's believed to reduce wrinkles, eye puffiness, and dark under-eye circles. What's more, recent studies have shown that topically applied caffeine may block sun damage. Based on what they've learned from studying mice, Rutgers University researchers believe that caffeine applied directly to the skin might help prevent damaging UV light from causing skin cancer.

We're not advocating that you splash hot coffee on your face as part of your morning regimen. Instead, try one of these new skincare products that harness the power of caffeine to give you well-rested, younger looking skin without the jitters.

Urth Skin Solutions for Men Antioxidant Face Complex ($45)

Caffeine increases blood circulation, which lends skin a fresh-faced, youthful glow while reducing inflammation and redness. Urth's lightweight, oil-free daily moisturizer packs a caffeinated punch—along with vitamins E and B5, and glycolic and salicylic acids—to revitalize dull, fatigued skin and fight signs of aging.

Recipe for Men Under Eye Gel ($48)

This anti-inflammatory gel relieves puffiness and stimulates circulation to the tiny blood vessels in the delicate under-eye area, helping to repair dark circles and make you look like you clocked a full eight hours last night.

Wash With Joe Coffeemint Invigorating Bodywash ($28)

One positive side effect of caffeine's dehydrating properties is that it naturally targets fat cells, temporarily tightening and firming the skin. Coffee also neutralizes odors (it's why you smell of cup of coffee beans in between scents during a fragrance testing), making it a must-have for active guys.

Lab Series Maximum Comfort Shave Cream ($16)

While we applaud your ability to grow a thick, super coarse beard, we don't envy your shaving regimen. Try this ultra creamy pre-shave formula that uses Benzocaine to ease the pain of a daily shave and aloe and caffeine to combat irritation.

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