Why Washing Your Face Isn't Enough: A Lesson in Scrubbing

Even if you wash your face daily, you leave behind dead skin cells. Here's how to scrub so you get the best complexion possible.

So you wash your face every night? Bravo. Still, you likely leave behind layers of dead skin cells, which can irritate skin and cause it to look dull. Elude the ashen look this winter by picking up a face scrub. Not only will it brighten your complexion, it'll do the following:

1) Unclog pores, which reduces breakouts

2) Prevent ingrown hairs by lifting whiskers away from your face for a smoother shave

3) Bring fresh skin cells to the surface so lotions and serums can soak in deeper and work better

Here's how, and where, to scrub correctly: Exfoliate in the shower, where steam will open up pores, and scrub gently in small circles. No need to sandblast your face--a little pressure will do it.

We recommend two scrubs for two types of faces:


Heavy-duty, deep cleansing with a refreshing finish for people without skin conditions: Urth Skincare Face Scrub


All natural and great for those with sensitive skin: Raw Materials Skin Grit


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