Why You Need A Sonic Face Brush (Really)

The biggest trend in skin care is a cleansing brush that washes your face using high-frequency vibrations. Yeah, we were skeptical at first too.

I confess that when I first read about the original Clarisonic cleansing brush, I scoffed. For one thing, it was marketed for women. Plus, I thought, "Could anything be more fussy than using a $200 electric gadget with a vibrating head to wash your face?" But the device's wild popularity soon spawned a flurry of competitors—the Neutrogena Wave Power-Cleanser, the Proactiv Deep Cleansing Brush, the Spa Sonic, the Nutra Sonic Cleansing Brush—and friends (both male and female) were extolling the virtues of the cleansing brush at cocktail parties.

So I bought Clarisonic's new, more compact (and less expensive) Mia and started using it every night. It works sort of like an electric toothbrush: Apply your regular facial cleanser to the bristles, turn it on, and move the brush in circles across your face. I felt the results immediately. The brand claims that its product, which vibrates at over 300 movements per second, is twice as effective at removing dirt and oil as manual cleansing. But I must say that my skin felt and looked many times better—smoother, brighter, and cleaner—and it wasn't tight or raw the way it often is after exfoliating. It's like getting a gentle facial before going to sleep every night. And, yes, I now say that at parties.

—Jason Chen

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