Will Arnett, Ben Silverman & Lance Bass at the Mansome Premiere

To manscape or not to manscape? That was the question last Wednesday at the Hollywood premiere of Morgan Spurlock's latest docu-endeavor, "Mansome," a not-so-sordid tale of men's grooming habits and what it really means in this day and age to be a dude.

HOLLYWOOD, CA - MAY 09: (L-R) Executive producers Ben Silverman, Will Arnette and director Morgan Spurlock arrive at the "MANSOME" Premiere Presented By The Art Of Shaving at ArcLight Cinemas on May 9, 2012 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Michael Kovac/WireImage)

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To manscape or not to manscape? That was the question last Wednesday night in Hollywood at the premiere of Morgan Spurlock's latest docu-endeavor, Mansome—a not-so-sordid tale of men's grooming habits and what it really means in this day and age to be a man.

The film, which explores the worlds of toupees, barbershops, and grooming products, also boasts a surprisingly robust cast, including Judd Apatow, Zach Galifianakis, and Paul Rudd.

Details was on hand at the film's premiere, where we spoke to actor-producer Will Arnett, producer Ben Silverman (above, left), and former 'N Sync member Lance Bass about their hopes, their dreams, and of course, their grooming habits.

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DETAILS: Why do this film?

Will Arnett: Jason [Bateman] and I have a company, Dumb Dumb, and we're partnered on this with Ben Silverman [of Electus] and we were all talking about how this subject was something that no one had tapped into—men getting ready. Jason and I wanted to investigate, but we thought if we could bring in someone like Morgan Spurlock [above, right], we could do something funny. Morgan was in, and we decided to do a film that explored men's grooming habits in a light, funny way that wasn't too heavy.

Ben Silverman: I thought the subject matter was great and we could do a sort of Best in Show kind of way with the comedic commentary, but at the same time play on everyone's obsessiveness about how boys are taking better care of themselves right now.

DETAILS: Do you have a favorite scene?

Will Arnett: My favorite scene would be the absurdity of the conversation between the two wrestlers when they have to shave each other. They can't get their own backs, so here are these hulking, massive dudes and they're shaving each other's backs every day.

DETAILS: Do you think Mickey Rourke did that when he starred in The Wrestler?

Will Arnett: Oh, for sure. I don't know who actually shaved his back, but they did a great job.

DETAILS: What did you think about the film?

Lance Bass: I think this is the first time in humanity people are actually talking about this, and it's become an issue. And the question is, is [manscaping] taking our masculinity away? It's so funny to take a subject like that and make a documentary; it's just genius.

DETAILS: What's missing from this film is any reference to the famously narcissistic American Psycho character Patrick Bateman.

Ben Silverman: We didn't hit that kind of anger; we played in a little more to the sweetness of the subject. But I think that Ricky—our Sikh boy—has hints of that. The pain of childhood he had has now arrived in this obsession in adulthood.

DETAILS: How much time do you spend getting ready—if you're willing to divulge it to the masses?

Ben Silverman: You know, I don't spend that much time, as my wife will tell you. But I do care about my facial hair. I'll do a mustache, I'll do the beard trim. . . . But I have a little baby now, and sometimes I'll hug him and he cries because it's a little scruffy.

Lance Bass: I have perfected getting ready to about five minutes. I've figured out all the tricks I need to do—I've got it down to a science.

Will Arnett: Well, tonight, I got out of the shower, put a little bit of stuff in my hair, and moisturizer. That's it. With SPF.

DETAILS: Has it changed since making this movie?

Will Arnett: I spend less time now. It's made me aware that you got what you got. "You get what you get and you don't get upset." That's what they say at my son's preschool, and I've started to adhere to that mantra. The other night we went to the Met Gala, and I had a nice tux from my friends over there at Calvin Klein. At 6:05 I got in the shower, combed my hair, put some deodorant on, and we were in the car at 6:30. But that also includes checking on the kids, multitasking. So, start to finish? Probably 15 minutes. For a fancy event.

DETAILS: Preferred fragrance?

Will Arnett: On a lady?

DETAILS: No, you.

Will Arnett: Never. Deodorant.

Lance Bass: In 2001 after the MTV Awards, Kelly Rowland looked at me and said, "Body Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent. If you wear it, every woman will want to fuck you." Now everyone stops me and says, "What are you wearing?"

DETAILS: There's nothing like a good-smelling guy.

Lance Bass: Well, it shows you that they care about themselves. If they care enough to make an effort, they'll care in other areas, and they'll care about you, too.

DETAILS: Signature hair product?

Lance Bass: I've used Tigi Bedhead for about 13 years—it's genius, and I've learned a few tricks along the way.

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