Rapper Wiz Khalifa

He exploded onto the scene in 2008 with a pioneering blend of hip-hop and EDM. Now 26, married to his soul mate, and enjoying their 17-month-old son, he's living the life he rhymes about on his smokin' new album, Blacc Hollywood.

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Styling by Ian Connor. Grooming by Tracy Love. Suit by Alexander Wang. Shirt by Public School. Belt and jewelry, his own.

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DETAILS: You got some flak for adopting EDM. Do you feel vindicated?

Wiz Khalifa: Now I can say I was one of the first to do it. In Pittsburgh, when we wanted to get away from niggas shooting at each other, we would party with straight white people. As their music connected with ours, we started making our own music, and we said, "Why don't we make something that hood niggas could fuck with and the white clubs will play?" They fucked and made a baby.

DETAILS: What inspired the title of your new album, Blacc Hollywood?

Wiz Khalifa: I was basically just going out a lot and tearing shit up. And I was like, "Man, this is the attitude." It's not about being in Hollywood—it's about being a young generation who creates the shit that people will look back on later.

DETAILS: Back in May, you were arrested at El Paso International Airport. What happened?

Wiz Khalifa: Airport security caught me with a [weed] grinder. They didn't even know what it was at first. I got booked and put into a cell. I was bossed up in that bitch. I had the women who worked there bringing me food. They were fans.

DETAILS: Rihanna was the inspiration for your latest mixtape, 28 Grams. How so?

Wiz Khalifa: I went to the studio and played her all my songs, and those were the ones she liked. Whenever a pretty girl gives you her opinion, you should listen.

DETAILS: Speaking of pretty girls, you're married to model Amber Rose. What's the secret to your relationship?

Wiz Khalifa: Communication. You have to be on the same team and share the same vision. People will see that and be like, "Those are two companions right there. Those motherfuckers—that's the right hand and that's the left hand."

DETAILS: The two of you have a 17-month-old son, Sebastian. What were his first words?

Wiz Khalifa: "Dada." Then it's a tie between "button" and "moon." He'd say "button" but would point to the moon and be like, "Moon!" He says "balloon," too.

DETAILS: So basically things that are high.

Wiz Khalifa: Yeah. [Laughs] He's his daddy's son.

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