5 Sports Headphones That Go the Distance

These new headphones designed specifically for active lifestyles—and in particular for fitness—are sound investments for your workout regimen.

Photograph by Adam Voorhes. Prop styling by Robin Finlay.

Listening to music through your basic hard-plastic earbuds may be tolerable during your commute, but wearing them while working out is an exercise in frustration. Sweat and motion don't mix with the earpieces. Thankfully, new headphones designed specifically for active lifestyles—and in particular for fitness—are now proving their merit. Featuring sweatproof, stay-in-place designs, high-quality sound reproduction, and a host of conveniences such as microphones and remotes, these headphones will take your workout to the next level.

1. Motorola S10-HD Bluetooth Headphones

Motorola's solution to the problem of earbuds getting jerked from your ears: Make them cordless. The S10-HDs are also built with silicone seals to protect them from sweat.

$90; motorola.com

2. Shure SE215

Getting a pair of Shure earbuds in place isn't intuitive—you cinch the wires around the back of your ears, which can take a few tries with a mirror—but they deliver uncompromising, audiophile-worthy sound.

$120; shure.com

3. Sennheiser/Adidas CX 680i

The mic and remote controls are simple to use, and the Kevlar-reinforced cable minimizes annoying kinks, while the EarFins cling to your ears' contours to prevent slippage.

$100; sennheiserusa.com

4. Skullcandy Fix

Skullcandy made sure the Fix would not fall out. Ever. They proved it by suspending a Jim Beam bottle from the buds. So if your iPod dangles as you do inverted crunches, fear not—it's going nowhere.

$70; skullcandy.com

5. Monster Powerbeats by Dr. Dre

Bendable, over-the-ear cages keep these headphones securely in place, and a dual microdriver reproduces all the high- and low-range tones thatare all but extinct in portable speakers.

$180; beatsbydre.com

A Better Way to Carry Your Music

If you've ever tried to work out with your iPhone in your pocket, you know how easily it slips out of gym shorts. And carrying it in your hand isn't an option with most workouts. It's time to invest in the ActiveSleeve armband from nxe, which fits any smartphone and any arm andis comfortable enough to wear on even a long run.

nxeproducts.com; $30;

By Joel Weber

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