Would You Spend $25,000 to Get Naked for Fashion Photographer Steven Klein?

Sure, he's a genius—but is it worth baring all?

If you have $25,000 and you're able to get to New York next week, then you could buy the once-in-a-life opportunity to be photographed au naturel by legendary photographer Steven Klein.

The photo sitting will be sold at a silent auction at the International Center of Photography's annual Infinity Awards gala on Monday, April 28, where Klein will be recognized as an honoree. And even though you'd think you'd get a little control over something with such a high price tag, full-frontal nudity is mandatory for the session.

The winning bidder can rest assured that he or she is in very capable hands. Known for the dark and sexual energy of his photographs, Klein has shot ads for Calvin Klein (no relation), Dior, and Armani, among other brands. He's also contributed editorially to V Man, Interview, and, of course, Details. Klein shot Daniel Radcliffe (above) for our August 2007 issue, and Tom Brady (below) for the October 2009 issue, among many others.

So what kind of person has the balls (we had to go there) to expose himself for that much coin? We don't know, but whoever buys the session will be supporting a good cause. The money funds ICP's various programs, which include a museum, a research center, and courses in photography. If $25k seems a little steep, for $475, an ICP instructor will teach you Photo 101 so you can shoot your own naked selfie (Instagramming it is up to you).


—Details associate online style editor Justin Fenner.

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