Yes, You Can Wear Short Swim Trunks: The Best Swimsuits of The Summer

Ditch the the long boardshorts — less is more this summer.

Long boardshorts are the beach's answer to baggy jeans. They're an ancient, laughable trend, they fail to flatter your form, and they force you to forever yank them up. Whether you're wearing them to work out or lie about, it's time to go shorter with your swimsuit. Here's your guide to getting it right this season.



Above the knee: You tall, flat-stomached gents need to break up your length. Trunks that fall a few inches above the knee will mask your lankiness and provide proper proportion.

By Orlebar Brown, $240 at



Mid-thigh: Guys who are of average height or on the shorter side need to show off more leg so as to not look even smaller. These trunks do the trick.

By Prada, $265 at Prada stores



High and tight: For the super-fit and the wider-bodied boys. Your thighs and rump must fill these out (see Daniel Craig) or all eyes will be on you — but for the wrong reasons.

Dior Homme, $260 at select Dior Homme stores

—By Mike Dawson, Photography by Eric Ray Davidson

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