Quiz: Are You Addicted to Internet Memes?

Take our quiz to find out how much of an Internet-culture junkie you are.

Take our quiz to find out how much of an Internet-culture junkie you are.
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(1) When you see an image of a celebrity making a funny face, you feel an overwhelming urge to place a line of text over it.[2]
(2) You sometimes find yourself thinking in all caps.[1]
(3) You've caught yourself saying "Do not want" instead of "I don't like it." [2]
(4) You think Advice Dogs have legitimate life lessons to impart. [3]
(5) You've actually created a successful meme.[5]
(6) You've told someone that his "argument is invalid." [2]
(7) Meme-friendly ad campaigns (Dos Equis, Old Spice) make you more inclined to purchase a product. [3]
(8) You've worn a meme-inspired Halloween costume (breaded cat, Obama Girl). [4]
(9) You know Christian Bale's expletive-laden on-set Terminator Salvation rant by heart. [1]
(10) When you watch old Disney movies, all you can see are potential memes.[4]
(11) You understand LOLSpeak. [1]
(12) You've skipped a movie to watch remixed trailers on YouTube instead.[3]
(13) You've tried to explain to your parents what a meme is.[1]
(14) You've added "Never Gonna Give You Up" to your karaoke repertoire as a result of a Rickrolling experience. [2]
(15) You work at BuzzFeed. [5]
(16) You've uploaded a video or picture of a pet behaving in a weird/scary/ridiculously cute fashion.[1]
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[0-10] Meme Amateur: You have heard of the Internet, right?
[11-20] Meme Observer: You're as well-adjusted as anyone can hope to be in this day and age.
[21-30] Meme Devotee: Your brain's gotten a little softer and your attention span a little shorter. But then, whose haven't?
[31-40] Meme Fiend: There's an app called Freedom that will lock you out of the Internet for up to eight hours at a time. Consider purchasing it.
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