Should You Be Buying Scented Underwear?

Isn't washing them enough?

Images courtesy of UnderCover.

Here's a product that answers the question no one was asking.

The French furnishings brand UnderCover is currently marketing a pair of men's boxer briefs called Le Boxair that's made from fabric "containing complex notes that are sensual and sexy." We're not sure whether the smell will wash out, but we honestly don't need to know. Because we don't plan on adding these to our underwear drawer any time soon.

In fact, the only thing that might be weirder than the product itself is the way it's being marketed. In the video below, a model runs out of cologne and uses his freshly opened Boxairs to wipe a little scent on his face and chest. Even if you know for a fact a pair of underwear is clean and factory fresh, why would you rub your face in it? Or perhaps the better question is, why would you want your boys smelling like they've spent the day in a fragrance factory?

If you really want your underwear to smell fresh, how about laundering each pair every time you wear them, or maybe keeping a bar of Frederic Malle's rubber incense in your dresser drawers. At least that way, should you really want to scent your shorts, you have a range of fragrances to choose from—just keep them away from your face.

—Details associate online style editor Justin Fenner.

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