Your Reading List for April

New books by Mark Kurlansky, Eric Spitznagel, and Adam Thirlwell.


__The Eastern Stars__, by Mark Kurlansky [Riverhead, $26]

The man who somehow turned the histories of a fish and a spice into major best sellers (Cod, Salt) now tells the heartrending story of San Pedro de Macorís, a tiny impoverished sugar-cane-processing town in the Dominican Republic that has produced 79 Major League Baseball players.

__You're a Horrible Person, but I Like You__, edited by Eric Spitznagel [Vintage, $14]

The content of this collection written by a cast of cult comedians (Silverman, Galifianakis, Apatow, et al.)—originally intended for an advice column in The Believer—is a bit uneven. But despite the twee questions about etiquette, it makes for an apt hipster bathroom book, if that's your thing.

*The Escape*, by Adam Thirlwell [Farrar, Straus and Giroux, $25]

Thirlwell tries to revive the Kundera-Roth tradition of enthusiastically erotic highbrow fiction (again) in his second novel, about an elderly sex-obsessed financier facing anti-Semitism in Europe. If we've heard the tune before, at least it's played with vigor here.


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