Adidas Brings Back Its Classic (and Best-Selling) Tennis Shoe

Adidas brings back its classic tennis shoe.

Photograph by Brad Bridgers; Styling by Gwen Lawrence for Mark Edward Inc.

When Stan Smith won Wimbledon in 1972, he did it in Adidas' quintessential green-and-white leather tennis shoes, which were promptly renamed after the American star.

Four decades later, the classic low-tops are the brand's best-selling sneakers of all time, despite having been "archived" (i.e., taken out of stores) since 2011. Fortunately for those of us who prefer not to wear previously owned footwear, they're being rereleased in January—still featuring Smith's portrait on the tongue. Pair them with black jeans or a slim-cut navy suit—either way, it's a win-win.

Adidas Originals, $100.

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